2 button cadmouse

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2 button cadmouse

Post by mpaz » Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:25 am

I'd love it if I saw in the future a regular 2button cadmouse from 3d connexion.
I bought a cadmouse but was difficult for me to get used to it. I know you can program any button for any task but the wider front with the 3 buttons was kind of awkward fro me.
Last time I used a 3 button mouse (which I loved) was the Logitech Mouseman M-CV46 4 Button Ball Mouse PS2 but that was ages ago.
From the introduction of the wheel I used the back button as a middle in CAD from then onwards.
So after all this time it's difficult to get back to using a 3 button mouse.

I believe a 2 button cadmouse (side buttons included of course) that takes advantage of the 3dconnexion software would be a great addition to the family!

Cheers! :D

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