DISABLE -Undo "spaceMouse"- from MaYA?!

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DISABLE -Undo "spaceMouse"- from MaYA?!

Post by Black » Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:49 am

Is there ANY way to prevent the "spaceMouse" command from the MaYA undo history?

EVERY time I do anything and I want to undo... I have to do a hell lot of undo's of these so called "spaceMouse" functions prior to getting back what I hadn't wanted happening!
Had there been ay change in the navigation: I would say" okay".. But nothing happens and even more often than not: IT even locks or disables my ability to do such changes. In many situations even my geometry just disappears.

I am presuming removal of the command registering from the "undoHistory" would pretty much set things straight...
Anyone else witnessing such situations?

OS: ____Windows 8.1 Pro 2013
System:__64 bit 14 core Intel Xeon E5-2690
Grafic-C:_NVDIA Quadro K5000M
Software:_MaYa 2019
Mouse: __SpaceMouse Navigator

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