Maya 2020 constantly crashing

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Maya 2020 constantly crashing

Post by Dguzman84 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:28 pm

What the topic says.
Also, strangely enough, Maya will not create an autosave file upon crashing.
I just got this 3dmouse a day ago and I'm still learning how to navigate with it, I decided to model something simple and it seems to crash Maya2020 randomly.

Additional things,
-I had other issues with my mac recognizing the mouse altogether, but it is working now.

-I use a Wacom cintiq as an additional display and the pen to click instead of a regular mouse, but this seems to cause random issues with the hotkeys in the 3dmouse. Also will bleed into other programs, for example Zbrush. I know it isn't supported at all, but just utilizing my standard cintiq is no longer possible because the hotkeys on the cintiq itself are all jacked up since I installed the 3dmouse.

I'm wondering if it is at all possible to have both devices running side by side. I simply can't stop utilizing my cintiq, so this is really rough and basically a deal breaker for me.
I'll hold out for now, but any help is appreciated.

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