Support for SM Enterprise??

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Support for SM Enterprise??

Post by the_kdoggy » Wed May 11, 2016 9:13 am

So I purchased the Enterprise thinking that at least basic support of the cap and buttons was there.. nope.. not even recognized. (I could have sworn the "(coming soon)" wasn't on the product page when I purchased but I may have missed that one)
How long till we see some kind of new driver that at least enables those functions.

I understand the LCD may take a while, but the tactile functions should already be there from other products I would think.

Luckily I am running boot camp, so it wasn't a total wasted purchase, but it is frustrating (Maya2016 ext2 is another one, but I digress)

Anyone know if 3Dx have a open or closed beta driver program I can sign up for on the mac side?
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Re: Support for SM Enterprise??

Post by » Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:48 am

Does anyone have an update to this post? I also just purchased the enterprise for use on OS X. I am also curious if there is any way to get the LCD to switch when using OnShape? It seems that I am unable to get it to change among sketch mode and part studio and assembly and drawing modes. Just wanting it to behave like it does in solidworks. Fortunately, I too have bootcamp installed so have been able to use this awesome new product! Just hoping for OS X support!

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