AutoCAD 2019 bugs

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AutoCAD 2019 bugs

Post by jmack2 » Tue Mar 26, 2019 5:35 pm

I've just begun using my spacemouse in AutoCAD Map 3D 2019 and I've begun noticing issues.

The first (and WORST) issue is: If I save at any point (using Ctrl+S), the spacemouse pan and zoom functions cease to work until I click in to a new page tab. Constantly switching back and forth between page tabs every time I save is canceling out the efficiency gained by the space mouse, in addition to being extremely frustrating.

The second issue (more manageable) is: when activating a locked Viewport in Page-space, the pan and zoom functions do not work. This is annoying if I want to move around after activating my viewport, but I can work around the issue by strategically placing my window before activating it (double clicking in the viewport).

Any help is greatly appreciated. I will be returning the spacemouse if I cannot get the first issue resolved.

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Re: AutoCAD 2019 bugs

Post by UtaSH » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:29 am

Hi jmack2,

thank you for your report. We have tried to reproduce the issue you describe. Unfortunately we do not see this problem.

I think at this time it would be a good idea if you contact our Technical Support Team. They can collect all needed details and then escalate the issue to the next level of expertise.

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