New drivers not working with Sketchup 2020

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New drivers not working with Sketchup 2020

Post by chemicalfacist » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:56 pm

This morning I installed Sketchup 2020 and found that my SPacemouse Compact did not function properly. It only moved in and out and back and forth, albeit it was jumpy. I found there was a new driver package and installed that. It now works, but it is so jumpy it is not useable. Sometimes it just jumps out to infinity and I have to Zoom Extents just to get back to my drawing. I see that this issue has not been reported here yet, so I am just doing that in the hope to bring up awareness. I have tried a few things, but besides rolling my installation back to 2018 and losing a bit of work that has been now saved in 2020, my nice expensive paperweight will remain just that. Is there any word internally about this issue?

Thanks All

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