Data sent by SpaceMouse Devices

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Data sent by SpaceMouse Devices

Post by dcrb » Mon May 17, 2021 6:50 am

Hello there,

My question is simple: is there anywhere where I can find all the different data a SpaceMouse can send (and can receive) and its range?

I'm working on reading the raw data the SpaceMouse sends and then communicating it to other devices for robotics systems control. I've been reading around these forums and checked by the experimental way the values the SpaceMouse sends but I'd be grateful if there was a place/document where I could have all that data.
(All the muxing bytes and meaning, data lenght, data range, etc).

More specifically, some of my questions would be:
- What are the axis possible values ranges? From my experiments, I see that it goes from 0 to 350 for positive and 65536 to 65186 (after combining the axis two bytes). Are those right and fixed?
- What's does the [23,100] data means? Usually, it's sent some time after using one of the two buttons. At first, I thought it was linked to a long press but even on short press that data is sent and sometimes it isn't sent.
- I've also read somewhere (probably this forum) about controlling the SpaceMouse leds by sending some data to it and also the possibility of reading the SpaceMouse battery status. Is it possible to get any info on that, and where can I find it?

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Re: Data sent by SpaceMouse Devices

Post by jwick » Mon May 17, 2021 7:26 am

It depends how much work you want to do.

If you address the raw hardware, you can read the HID descriptors to find out exactly what the device exports. It's a fair amount of work but all the information you need should be there.
You also give up our GUI/driver, which is sometimes a good thing. W/o the GUI/driver it is less likely that users will modify the data behind your back.

If you are running a pure industrial application, we sell just the cap. It has a simpler interface and comes with sample code that shows how to read it.

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